Oil Advisers is an independent advisor dedicated to servicing
the global oil & gas resources sector

In providing its services, Oil Advisers draws on a unique combination of team members with industry experience across a broad range of disciplines, increasing the value of its service delivery through linking into its network of industry contacts and technicians.

Our objective is to assist clients in their endeavours to maximise value of their asset portfolios through increasing returns from exploitation of those assets.

Interested in buying quality oil & gas assets ?


There is a great deal of rationalisation happening in the oil & gas patch at present leading to great buying opportunities for those who are prepared to invest counter-cyclically. It is a buyer’s market.

The key to success is to have the market intelligence, information and insight that will place you ahead of the pack and avoid those assets which promise much and deliver little.

Our Services


Oil Advisers offers Consultancy Services over specific areas or tasks relating to Oil and Gas Assets. Clients simply need to instruct us on what they require and we will manage the rest.

Additionally, if you think you have an asset with untapped value, bring it to us and we’ll make an assessment of it for you, advising on courses of action designed to maximise its value to the enterprise or its value on the open market.